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DAML Tools for supporting
Intelligent Information Annotation, Sharing and Retrieval

University of Maryland Baltimore County
in collaboration with

Mi.I.T. Sloan School and
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Our research program goal is to design and prototype critical software components enabling developers to create intelligent software agents capable of understanding and processing information and knowledge encoded in DAML and other semantically rich markup languages. . This program will be the joint work of a team of two established research groups and a new research group-- the UMBC agents group headed by Tim Finin, the JHU/APL intelligent systems group headed by Jim Mayfield, and a new business policies group at MIT/Sloan headed by Benjamin Grosof who has just joined MIT/Sloan after previously heading a business rules group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.

The work will have three main research thrusts, one service and demonstration task, and a management and coordination task. Since there are significant opportunities for collaboration, sharing, integration and support among the four tasks, each group will collaborate and work on each of the four tasks; UMBC will take the primary lead on tasks one, four and five, MIT/Sloan on task two, and JHU /APL on task three

  1. Task one -- integrating agents and the web
  2. Task two -- DAML meets practical rule-based technology
  3. Task three -- Adding knowledge to information retrieval
  4. Task four -- DAML.ORG as a vertical portal and testbed
  5. Task five -- management and coordination




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