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Lessons Learned
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Lessons Learned

While creating the first DAML-enabled web site, we have learned the following lessons:

  1. It is not easy to decide where the DAML text should be placed in an HTML page. It could be in the HEAD, or the BODY with the rest of the HTML tags, or in a separate file linked to the HTML page it describes.
  2. DAML works well for data driven web pages. In our example, DAML is generated dynamically based on the fields in the database. So, if there is any change in the ontology, only the DAML generating code needs to be fixed, we do not have to change every DAML page.
  3. Names are still confusing; we are unsure of how we can find the related URI from the Natural Language name.
  4. We believe that a few more examples, that are considered good, are needed to support DAML. Along with these examples, some instances would also help.



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